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Welcome to our website.  Within it, you will find an assortment of quotes from the Anonymous 
to the Famous, the depressed, and the morose.  Sometimes, in order to cheer up, it's nice to see there are others who are worse off, or at least feel the same as you do.

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Sad Words

The words of poets, philosophers,
the mourning and the broken-hearted.
Read our best selection of sad quotes from
writers, poets, and thinkers.

Sad Songs

Nearly every songwriter who lives, or has lived,
 has written about love.  The Ironic thing is most write about
the bad times, and the pain of love, rather than
singing about the joy of love.

Sad Films

Lines that can bring a tear to your eye,
make you feel sorrow, pity, melancholy,
and compassion.
Yes folks, it's time for that box of  hankies
to be passed down the aisle.


We hope our selection of quips and quotes will entertain you, and enlighten you.
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